supergloom was formed during the pandemic when the whole world was shut down. Based in Los Angeles, the members met over a decade ago through the local music scene. supergloom started as a four-piece with Shane Graham (Drums), Bertrand Velky (Guitars, Vocals), Ethan Walden (Bass), & Peter Doherty (Keys, Vocals). Initially experimenting with some covers, the group quickly realized the strong chemistry amongst them and decided to try their hand at writing original music. 

The band worked with Christian Philippi on their debut EP, "supergloom", released in summer of 2022. The EP was supported with a sold out release show at Non Plus Ultra w/ The Emerald Isle & Kaz Mirblouk. Soon after, the band was asked to open for Holy Wave & Mint Field at the Lodge Room. By winter, the band was back in the studio to begin tracking their sophomore EP with producers Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins) & Jules de Gasperis (Bleached & Low Hum) . At the start of 2023, the band became a five-piece with Drew Aron (Guitars, Vocals) and did a Buzzbands presented residency at Harvard & Stone.  The "Immaterial" EP was released in August of 2023 and supported with a release show at the Echo with Vinyl Williams & Spacemoth.  

supergloom offers a unique fusion of intricate songwriting and pop charm. With a combined wealth of musical experience, they've crafted tracks that combine memorable hooks and musical sophistication, drawing inspiration from the sounds of artists like Deerhunter, My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins, and Queens of the Stone Age.

“Part vulnerable eruption and part musical tapestry, “Glass Ajar” puts supergloom’s talents on full display as the band deliver a dynamic and provocative performance that fills the air with feeling and sends chills down the spine.“ 

- Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine

“Lush and expansive, their experimental psychedelic rock remains loyal to the melodic and harmonic inclinations of their space-rock forebears, with elastic arrangements and tempo shifts adding tension to their songs while leaving intact their beauty.“ 

- Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.la